Ghostbusters: A Legendary Remake

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Ghostbusters is a legendary comedy movie released back in 1984. It was revolutionary and spawned an unstoppable franchise. In 2016, the Ghostbusters remake was released and looked to reinvigorate the original series with a fresh take. Here, we will explore the remake of Ghostbusters and discuss the new elements that breathe life into the iconic movie.

Breathing New Life Into a Classic: A Look at the Remake of Ghostbusters

Though the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot stays true to the original themes and values of the 1984 version, its story stands on its own. This time around, four female Ghostbusters take the helm and their friendship forms the core of this movie. From Kristen Wiig’s wide-eyed Erin Gilbert to Leslie Jones’s everyman Patty Tolan, each character adds something unique to the Ghostbuster team. Another exciting part of the new Ghostbusters was the fact that there were some never-before-seen ghosts and supernatural characters featured. The film also struck a chord with younger generations by introducing a cool, edgy aesthetic and a generous dose of Millennial humour. The remake also features a brand-new all-star cast and the effects and CGI look amazing. It’s clear that the producers tried hard to bring the original Ghostbusters’ world to life while introducing fresh and modern touches in the same vein.

A Fresh Take On An Iconic Theme: Celebrating The Return of Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters franchise has always been about busting ghosts and building camaraderie. It is also about having fun and being goofy. The 2016 rendition of the movie captures all of this and more with each of its main characters bringing something special to the team. The film has also brought the ghost-busting theme to the modern era with fun, fresh ideas and a slick presentation on the big screen. From using new technology to capture enemies to new, larger-than-life battles, there is never a dull moment. The movie even manages to fit in a great deal of music, choreographed dances, and crowd pleasing scenes. The love and respect for the original franchise shines through in the heartfelt way this movie was made. The production team even managed to role in some of the original cast members for certain scenes. This makes the film very poignant for old and new fans of Ghostbusters alike.

While the remake of Ghostbusters is not a direct s adaptation of the movie from 1984, it does manage to capture its imagination and themes which makes it a huge hit all over the world. The various ghosts, characters and special effects add a unique appeal while the great performances of the cast make it even more enjoyable. It comes as no surprise that fans of the franchise have been flocking to see this new remake. All in all, the 2016 Ghostbusters remake was successful in bringing the franchise to life once again and successfully blending together the old-fashioned charm of the original movie and the modern elements we expect to see today. It is definitely a movie worth watching.

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