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Play the first full single-player missions from both the Global Defense Forces and Tempest Dynasty campaigns!

AALBORG, DenmarkAug. 28, 2023 – Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms are giving classic real-time strategy fans a double dose of excitement today with the release of Tempest Rising’s new free Steam Strategy Fest demo. Experience the opening single-player campaign missions for both the Global Defense Forces and – for the first time – the deadly Tempest Dynasty, complete with new units, cinematics and music tracks. Check out the game’s new trailer now for a proper introduction to the Tempest Dynasty and their ruthless dominance on the battlefield.

Take command in the totally new first campaign mission for the Tempest Dynasty (DYN) and lead an army of unique units like the Missile Trooper, Ignitor, and Havoc Rocket Buggy into all-out warfare. You can even recruit Civilian Militia as an ally by completing side objectives. The mission also boasts special features such as bridges that can be destroyed and repaired, and the Dynasty’s Technician unit, which can capture buildings, repair vehicles, and plant land mines.

If you missed Tempest Rising’s Steam Playable Preview earlier this month, you can still experience the full first single-player mission of the Global Defense Forces (GDF) campaign. Take on the Tempest Dynasty with core GDF units like the Drone Operator and Sentinel Scout Car, as well as base-building, drone intel, air strikes, and TONS of explosive barrels!

About Tempest Rising
Tempest Rising seamlessly merges the classic action of real-time strategy (RTS) games from the ‘90s and 2000s with modern production and performance standards. Encounter a battle-scarred 1997 in an alternate timeline where the Cuban Missile Crisis went nuclear. In the fallout from the war, a strange red electrical vine known as Tempest started spreading across the planet and changed the course of history. Experience the story of three highly different factions across two campaigns with deep and rewarding gameplay that keeps the focus on strategy and skill, with built-in customization options that let players approach the game their own way in both single-player and multiplayer.

Key Features:

  • Classic RTS base-building with fast, fluid, hard-hitting combat and tons of customization
  • Three asymmetrical factions, each with unique harvesting models, secondary resource systems, and distinct rosters of units for drastically different play styles
  • Two epic single-player campaigns with between-mission cutscenes to drive the story
  • Skirmish and multiplayer modes, including ranked matchmaking with Elo rating and unranked matchmaking

To keep up with the latest development updates, follow Tempest Rising on Twitter and Discord.

Steam Strategy Fest Demo <——- Download


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