VideoGame.Codes (VGC) is a digital distribution platform for video games that allows users to purchase and download games directly and instantly to their computer to use in Steam, GOG, Origin or other gaming platforms.

When a user purchases a game on VGC, they are given a unique code that they can use to instantly download and play the game title. VGC game titles are typically sold at a discounted price compared to the original purchase price/MSRP.

VGC’s mission is to provide customers with a safe, secure and inexpensive way to buy their digital game titles.


One of the major trends in the gaming industry today is the shift towards digital distribution and online gaming. Many gamers now purchase and download games directly from digital storefronts such as VGC, Steam, Origin and GOG, rather than buying physical copies of games at retail stores.

VideoGame.Codes provides valuable data and analytics to game developers. This data can be used to track sales, player behavior, and other important metrics. VGC Offers support and promotion for indie and smaller game development studios. VGC offers a feature section dedicated to indie games, which provides exposure and visibility to these developers and studios.

VGC plays a crucial role in the gaming industry by providing indie game development studios with a platform to distribute their games, reach a wider audience, and gain valuable data and insights. Additionally, the support and promotion provided by the digital distributors can give a boost to all, indie and AAA game developers alike.


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