Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – What can we expect from Square Enix

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The second part in a trilogy remaking the original FFVII. An upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix.

Scheduled to release for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. It’s a sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020), and the second in a planned trilogy of games remaking the original back in 1997 for the original PlayStation game console.

Five years after the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, fans will finally continue Cloud Strife’s epic journey when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches this winter. As the highly anticipated sequel, Rebirth seeks to build upon the foundation laid by its predecessor while expanding the story and world in exciting new directions.

A fully controllable Red XIII! Yuffie’s part of the team! Massive-scale boss fights! Rideable chocobos! An expansive and beautiful world! What’s not to love about FF Rebirth.

Rebirth is set some time after the events of Remake, with Cloud, Tifa, Aerith and Barret leaving the confines of Midgar and embarking on a new quest. Details are still sparse, but trailers hint at new locations like the iconic Golden Saucer amusement park being fully realized with modern graphics. The open world is said to be vaster than Midgar, allowing more freedom to explore the planet of Gaia.

Combat also evolves, retaining the real-time action system while introducing new abilities, summons and gameplay mechanics. Summons in particular appear upgraded, with trailers showing an impressive shot of Bahamut unleashing its Mega Flare attack. The immersive battle system established in Remake will satisfy fans looking for visceral RPG battles.

Story-wise, Rebirth aims to stay faithful to the original FFVII plot while adding new surprises and twists along the way. Developers have said it will end in a cliffhanger, passing the baton to the final chapter to conclude Cloud’s saga. For longtime fans, Rebirth offers a chance to re-experience the epic tale with modern production values on PlayStation 5.

After years of waiting, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is poised to spread its wings this winter. Fans can only hope it takes the acclaimed Remake in even bolder new directions to do justice to one of gaming’s most beloved stories.

All said, it’s shaping up to be a remarkable RPG. As FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Producer, Yoshinori Kitase explains:
“We’re honored to bring players around the world early next year the next installment of this thrilling tale, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH.
The party will embark on a new adventure, so players can enjoy this story even without any familiarity with the previous title or the original FINAL FANTASY VII. The vast and explorable world along with the newly evolved speedy battles are sure to provide a most exciting gaming experience to new adventurers.
We would, of course, like to invite returning players and longtime fans to watch our new trailer closely for glimpses of pivotal story moments that Cloud and his friends will confront.
The entire team has worked fervently with love and adoration for the world of FINAL FANTASY VII, reaching new heights of cinematic storytelling, immersive combat, rich exploration and more, and we can’t wait to share more details later this year.”

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