Future Daoshi


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The future world is full of monsters and beasts. As a surviving Daoshi, you shoulder the mission of reviving the sect and saving mankind.
Can you be the last hope for mankind in the siege of various monsters?

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“Future Daoshi” is a roguelite action survival game, you must use your professional skills combined with scroll skills to survive to the end under the attack of various monsters and unlock new character skills in the process of reviving the sect to deal with a more powerful enemy.

The combat experience of extreme survival

In this Roguelike-style extreme survival game, diverse attacking enemies allow you to enjoy a hearty battle.

Various characters for you to choose from!

Various professions and skills for player to unlock challenges

Diversified moves and skill combinations

More than 50 types of skills allow you to combine, allowing you to experience the effect of 1+1 greater than 2



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