Oblivion Override


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An intense, hardcore action side-scroller. Maneuver as a ninja killerbot through dynamic wastelands with 26+ specialized weapons. Dodge, dash, and dominate. A homage to Metroidvania and Roguelike: customize atomic evolution, breach intricate alert levels to decrypt the Oblivion Code…


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In a post-apocalyptic wasteland under AI’s iron grip, the remnants of humanity are imprinted in the digital shackles of the ‘Oblivion Code’. To unravel the intricate web of secrets within the dystopian AI civilization, Crimson, a rogue combat bot, embarks on a daring incursion into the neon-drenched corridors of Dulce Base…


  • Stage Four [Temple of Oblivion] leading to the final boss
  • Complete main storyline and hidden endings
  • New female character Mecha
  • More compact maps with special challenge rooms
  • Optimized character progression both inside and outside battles
  • Weapon evolution attributes and the blocking function for initial weapons
  • Game gallery, optimizations, and bug fixes




Master dodges, double jumps, and wall runs to traverse the sprawling underground network. Equip your robot with over 26+ specialized weapons, each featuring unique mechanics, combat choreography, and augmented skill effects.



Unlock six state-of-the-art combat machines and charge into action: from ninja and thunder geek to viking warrior and feline assassin. Centered around their exclusive abilities, Atomic Evolution can be accessed at any point during your run.



Explore the abandoned site of an arms factory, navigate through the maze of a bio-engineered greenhouse, and neutralize all impending threats lurking within the data center, leading you to the enigmatic temple of an ancient-tech civilization…



Dare to crank up the Alert Level from Level I all the way to Level VIII? Brace yourself for far more grueling battles against enemies and bosses on increased hostility and retrofitted with advanced gear.



The developers describe the content like this:

This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages: Blood and Gore Violence.


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