Arcade Paradise: Manage an Arcade in the 90’s

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Arcade Paradise is a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary gameplay where players revive the classic arcade era while running a small laundromat turned gaming haven. This game offers a unique twist to the management sim genre by integrating genuine arcade play within its core mechanics.

The Concept:
Players inherit a run-down laundromat with a few arcade machines in the back, sparking the idea to create an arcade empire. Your goal is to keep the laundromat profitable to fund your true passion: building an ultimate arcade experience.

Gameplay Dynamics:
Arcade Paradise combines the strategic elements of business management with the interactive joy of playing and maintaining over 35 different arcade games. The game challenges players to balance mundane tasks with the excitement of setting high scores and expanding their arcade collection.

Visuals and Audio:
With its pixel art style and immersive ambient sounds, Arcade Paradise recreates the look and feel of a ’90s arcade. The game’s soundtrack, featuring retro-inspired tracks, enhances the experience, making players feel like they’ve stepped into a time machine.

Community Engagement:
The game’s modding support on Steam encourages a community-driven approach, allowing for new content and personalized experiences, ensuring that Arcade Paradise remains fresh and engaging.

Arcade Paradise is a love letter to the arcade era, a smart management sim, and a compilation of enjoyable mini-games all in one. It’s a game that caters to the nostalgic while keeping things fresh with its innovative approach to gameplay. Perfect for gamers who cherish arcade history or those who enjoy a solid sim, Arcade Paradise invites you to coin up and turn your business dreams into a pixelated reality

Arcade Paradise


Manage profits, pick up gum, do the laundry and get coin to unlock arcade units and flip the family laundromat business to become an Arcade Paradise!  

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